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Bakeries in Kampala have the largest variety of confectionery and oven products in East Africa; Ranging from cakes, bread, ceremonial and occassion cakes, they apply the greatest precision in measurement and packaging. Most are mixing ingredients common to fit in the eating habits of consumers. Trends: Home delivery services, special orders, and unique packaging are offered at most bakery points. It is common to find centres that offer training in both home and commercial bakery skills.


Vehicle craze is on in Kampala. A record new hit rate of 2months. It takes 2 months for the latest model in the Japanese, European and Asian factories to hit the e streets in Kampala. This is the highest rate in Sub-saharan Africa
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Kampala City Carnival is a passion-driven event driven ceremony that showcases and celebrates the strengths and culture and values of the city. THis event is a melting pot of all cultures and diversities in the country in all spheres; ientertainment, tourism, fooeds, dress, and commerce. This Annual event is held in the main streets of kampala, with the main ones shut off to all motorist traffic. Security is managed by the Uganda Police, and the organisation is streamlined by the KCCA.
This years event promises to be a big show down and all proceeds have been dedicated to the fundraising towards furnishing and maintenance of schools in the Kampala district.You will need to be there to be a part of this celebration
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How to Change A Car Tyre on the Road side

Replacement of car tyres is perhaps the most basic maintenence need that a car owner is expected to know. But research shows that very few drivers actually know how to change a tyre.Our Freeshop DIY expert teaches us how to do JUST THAT.
1.When you get a tyre puncture on the road, drive slowly and park vehicle is parked in a flat, level surface.
2.Turn off the car engine, and Engage the vehicle in gear 1 and engage the parking brake(hand brake)..Thats for manual transmission vehicles. If the car is of automatic transmission, engage the parking gear,and the hand brake. Place the approriate caution signs behind the car to alert oncoming traffic. If you have no caution sign , switch on the double indicators.(But you must always have a caution sign in the car trunk. Its a legal requirement).
3. Place the car jerk under the chassis, at the designated point on the vehicle. Different vehicles have varying locations for placing the jerk. This spot is designated as the closest point to the deflated tyre at which you will achieve maximum support, and minimum slip once the car gets lifted off the ground.
changing a car tyre 4.turn the jerk handle afew turns clockwise so that it touches the body of the car and hoists it a little. At this point, there should only be a load lift from the shock absorbers and NOT suspension off the ground.
5. Once youve achieved this, place the appropriate wheel spanner in the wheel nuts and turn anticlockwise. wheel spanners may be cross-shaped with fittings of different sizes on each. THe correct size should just fit exactly without requirement of force, and without slipping out once you turn.
Because the wheel nuts are usually very tight, the physical effort required to unscrew them may prevent you from opening them. A technique often used is to place the spanner with the handle in a horizontal position, and step on it. The weight of your body hoisted on this spanner will usually loosen it. Caution: Support yourself while doing this so as not to fall or slip off. Also do this gently, making sure the spanner has fitted snugly on the nut. If the fitting of the spanner is not right, the nut may break within the hub! And thats a whole new spectacle.
6. Proceed to loosen the nuts only once. Turn each nuts only thru a quarter spin.
7.After this, turn the jerk handle clockwise so as to lift the vehicle off the ground. The lifted vehicle will now allow the tyre to have clearance from the ground.Once this is achieved, push the spare tyre under the car, near the jerk position. This is helpful on-the-road improvision and it prevents the vehicle from falling and sitting flat on the ground should the jerk slip out of position while you remove the tyre. In a standard vehicle garage, they have other rigid supports they use to achieve this.
changing a car tyre
8. Resume opening the nuts with the wheel spanner. This time, go through the whole turn anticlockwise; removing each nut, and placing it a a clean, dust and water free area. Dust particles lodging in the nut threads prevent smooth travel of the nut and water will cause rusting and weakening of the nut. Once the tyre is off, retrieve the spare tyre from under the car, and place the removed tyre back under the car wher the spare tyre was. (the reason for this is by now obvious).
9. Fit the spare tyre onto the wheel hub, taking care to align the nut positions accurately.
10.Replace the nuts turning clockwise, one by one in a criss-cross fashion;Turn the first nut until it fits snug onto the rim. Then proceed to the nut directly opposite it or almost opposite, in cace of vehicles with 5 nuts. Proceed in this fashion until all nuts are replaced.
11.Use the wheel spanner to tighten the nuts until they are tight, but not completely tight.
12.Lower the car jerk by turning the handle in the anticlockwise direction, until the wheel touches the ground. Now Tighten the nuts by the method of applying your own weight, Again making sure you support yourself, the spanner is fixed snug on the nut, and that it doesnt slip.
13. The tightening should be done in the same criss-cross pattern. This achieves the most accurate onroad wheel alignment, and prevents the fixed tyre from wobbling as you drive.
14.Having tightened all the nuts, remove the jerk from under the car, and caution signs you had placed in the road, and place them in the trunk of your car.
15. Now this next step is VERY IMPORTANT...Drive to the nearest tyre shop, to have your tyre replaced or repaired and refitted.You must never drive a car without a fully serviced spare tyre, and a small spare tyre that is not the standard size of the wheels(the kind that usually comes with reconditioned vehicles) must never be driven for more than 1 week.
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